Lost & Found Tasks — No More.

Everybody has a slightly different way of dealing with their tasks. Some prefer the good old paper-based to-do list with the old-fashioned crossing off of the completed tasks. Others have a soft spot for more high tech solutions, with to-do lists shared across their laptop and mobile devices. Both solutions (and many more, of course) are great but suffer from major drawbacks.

In the case of a paper-based to-do list the most significant disadvantage, of course, is the case where you lose your to-do list. Or, even worse, you still have your to-do list with you, but you just can't seem to be able to find that one thing that you were for sure meant to do. It is precisely this case of what we like to call “Lost & Found Tasks” that we'll cover in this article. We will show you how Spinoco helps you ensure that you always find what you're looking for in your tasks.

With Spinoco, searching for a task is extremely simple. Of course, you can always search for the specific name of a task as you would in any other to-do list app. But, let's face it, do you always remember what you named the task? Or, what if the task was assigned to you by someone else? It seems unlikely that you always know exactly what it was called.

When you are about to search in Spinoco, you are straight away presented with some of the more common filters — you can, for example, see all the tasks that are assigned to you or the ones you are following. You can also select any filters that you have previously saved — so if you are frequently looking for your colleague Anne's tasks, you can do so in as few as two clicks. Simple, right?

Now let's look more closely at the fields you can search across. You can specify the type of tasks you are interested in — whether it is common tasks, or calls or e-mails or any other type supported by the application. Of course, you can specify who the found tasks should be assigned to, or who they should have been created by. You can even specify the customer, for whom you are working on the task

The tasks in Spinoco are also sorted by what we call Skills. So, for example, you can specify the skills that are needed to complete the task. Does it require an English speaker? Is it a Sales task? Or does it require a more Technical approach? Whatever tags you'd like to use for your tasks, you can use skills.

The other fields are quite self-explanatory. You can specify whether you are interested in completed or not completed tasks — that's for when you want to look for a task you have already completed, but need to extract some information from it. Filter tasks by whether or not you follow them, or by their due date.

And when you do choose a filter that matches exactly what you need, the app will not only display the tasks that match it but will also show you a concise representation of what the currently applied filter is. So you always know exactly what tasks you are looking at.

With Spinoco, you will never be in the dreaded situation of not knowing what you need to do, or not knowing what you have done. Like we said, no task will ever get lost. And that is regardless of whether you have created it on your mobile phone or on your computer.

We saved the best for last, though. While Spinoco is great as a tool for managing your own tasks — both on desktop and mobile platforms, its real strength lies in sharing. You can always easily share your tasks with the rest of your team and make sure that not only your own tasks but also those of your team, always get done.

The team aspect of working with tasks in Spinoco will be the topic of one of our next blog posts, so stay tuned! You can always learn more about Spinoco at our website or you can reach us at one of our social media platforms, such as Messenger. We can't wait to chat with you!